After the finale and present time:

Theo goes receives his masters in industrial/organizational psychology at NYU. After he graduated from grad school, he moves to San Francisco for a few years to work for The Tartan Company, but didn’t feel fulfilled from his job, so he went back to school to get a degree in education. He moved back to Brooklyn and taught tenth graders. Today, he’s married to a school counselor with two kids and another on the way. 

Vanessa, after the finale, continued to have an on again off again relationship with Dabnis for a year and a half. He finally broke it off when he realized the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. She took a year off of college to do some “soul searching” and abruptly moves to France with her tuition and only leaving a note behind. A year later, she comes back pregnant and with a boyfriend named Darren. Cliff and Claire are still upset at her for randomly leaving that they forbid her to live in the house. Vanessa and Darren moves in with her friend Carol for a short period of time until she they can get on their feet. Two months before the baby is born, Darren visa runs out and he has to move back to France. Panicked, Vanessa marries Darren to keep him the country. A month later they gave birth to a baby boy named Joseph. Today, Vanessa is divorced from Darren because she realized he used her to get into the country. She went back to school to get her degree in nursing and now works at the hospital. Her relationship with her parents is now repaired.

After the finale, Rudy enters high school. Stanley and her go out for five more months but then she breaks up with him because she feels like he’s too rude to Kenny.  Kenny reveals his feelings to Rudy and she tells him that she doesn’t feel the same. They stop talking for a short while but they’re too close to be apart for too long. During high school, she experimented briefly with weed but gives up quickly after a bad high. She also drinks occasionally at parties, but after coming home drunk, her parents make her volunteer at their church for the next year everyday after school and every weekend. There she meets Jacob, a sixteen year old guy with a story. He’s adopted after his biological alcoholic mother beat him unconscious. Jacob now a straight A student and actively involved in the  church help Rudy get on the straight and narrow before she gets out of control. A few months after meeting, they start dating. However, his adoptive parents plan to move which forces the young couple to breakup. Rudy is heartbroken, but she takes everything she’s learned from being with Jacob and still volunteers at the church. After high school, she went to Howard to get a degree in family studies and social work. Today, she’s engaged to a young pastor and works with a non profit helping foster children adjust to their new homes. 

After the finale, Denise has her baby girl named Ella a few months later. She moved back to Brooklyn because she feels like her daughter needs some stability. Denise travels back with Martin every now and again leaving Ella with her grandparents. She has received her degree in special education and uses to home school Olivia and Ella. Today, her and Martin live at their own brownstone in Brooklyn. They have three children all together. Olivia, Ella, and Martin Jr.

After the finale, Sandra finally starts to practice her law degree. After a few years however, she doesn’t see being a lawyer as fulfilling and starts working at a non profit for abused women. Elvin still practicing medicine is worried about Sandra’s rash behavior. She thinks he’s being unsupportive and leaves him taking the children with her. He begs and pleads with her to come home and after two months she does. Today, they have a third child, a boy named Malcolm. Sandra now gives legal advice to the women and even sometimes represent them in court.

Olivia, moves to be with Martin and Denise. She makes friends with a few of the other kids, but misses her family back in Brooklyn. Martin and Denise sees how sad she is and they send her back to live with her grandparents. Today, she’s a traveling photographer. She met a young man named Clark and are now engaged. 

Pam, went moved to California and went to a community college while saving money to go to Hillman to be with Charmaine. However, while in California, she has a glimpse of the glitz and glamour of hollywood when she works wardrobe for a movie. Today, she runs a blog talking all about hollywood fashion. 

After the finale, Cliff and Claire still continued on as normal. They’re home started to get a little less crowded which was a bittersweet for them. Today, they’re both retired and help out at the community center to pass the time. 

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